AirTag Dog


Harnesses made with love for your best friend

✔AirTag is discreetly secured and can't fall out when your pup runs, shakes or spins

✔ AirTags have a Long battery life of around one year.

No subscription required

Locate your dog from anywhere in the world

Worry-free adventures guaranteed

How it works



Want to know more about our AirTag Harnesses?

How does an AirTag work?

AirTag's take advantage of Bluetooth and near-field communication (NFC) technologies to transmit its location to wireless devices like smartphones and computers.

Because Bluetooth and NFC are universally recognized signals, most smartphones (Android and iOS) can detect them.

For AirTag owners, this means that a lost bag or a missing set of keys — or a lost pet — can be tracked by setting the AirTag to lost mode and waiting for an NFC-capable device to pick up the signal.

When it does, that signal is transferred through Apple’s “Find My” network to you so that you can find your lost item (or pet).

You can access the “Find My” network from any internet-connected Apple device.

What is an AirTag and what are the benefits?

The Apple AirTag allows you to find your lost dog with Apple's ''Find My'' app.

✔ Long life battery to keep going more than one year.

✔ Water-resistant

✔ Long range localization

✔ Works in every country without the need of a sim card

✔ No subscription required to track your dog

What sets your harnesses above your competitors?

Whilst all of our designs are hand designed by myself in the uk (meaning no other business will have the same designs)

Our harnesses are also a world's first, with an internal pocket designed for the Apple AirTag to be inserted. Meaning your pooch can be tracked without anyone else knowing.

Do you include the AirTag with my purchase?

No. While our product is the perfect AirTag accessory for your dog, the AirTag itself must be purchased separately from Apple or an Apple retailer.

Why can't I use a detachable pet tag to my dog's current collar or harness or a keyring to secure my AirTag?

You can! Apple sells key rings, bag charms, and luggage tags to help you secure your AirTag to your valuables. You can also pick up AirTag holders on Amazon or Etsy.

But we wanted to create a harness which allowed for the AirTag to be discreetly placed on your dog. Ensuring your dog is trackable wihtout anyone else knowing.

Trusting a keyring or tag which could get caught or fall off wasn't the answer for us.

Plus, your AirTag won’t get dirty or end up in the water bowl while hanging from the collar or harness!

Is an AirTag better than a microchip?

Yes. Microchips have a ton of problems, including a lack of conformity in their manufacturing and detection process.

The microchip that your pet receives from your veterinarian might not be detectable by another vet or by the shelter where your dog ends up.

While we agree that microchips are better than nothing at all, they lack the ultra-wideband functionality that Apple has created with the AirTag.

Plus, your AirTag allows you to do something to retrieve your dog based on the information you can receive from real-time tracking.

Unfortunately, with a microchip, the only thing you can do is wait for someone to scan the chip, find your phone number, and (hopefully) get in touch with you.

Customer reviews
Loved it❤️ Would highly recommend to buy - perfect quality, great price and fast delivery
— Laura C.
Great product!
— Melvin T.
The harness is great! And is so much better than having the tag hanging. We just love it!
Amazing products and amazing customer service!!! I will definitely buy again and recommend to all my friends! Thank you!
— Julien N.
Made my day getting my best friend her new fashion accessory. I no longer need to worry about taking her out for walks around London. The Lilac Haze design is beautiful and I would recommend this to anyone even if your not using an airtag.
— Ana R.
I'm so pleased with the quality of these products.
— Christian G.
I'm truly happy to have found this company. I live in London and a concern for a while has been my son taking our dog Rosie out on walks. It gives me peace of mind knowing that I can track them both.
— Maria L.

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