My name is Sherrilee and I’m the founder of The Sociable Pup Company.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been passionate about dogs and in June 2021 we brought home a beautiful 8 weeks old Mini Schnauzer called Darcy.

From that moment on our lives changed, we became a pack of 3. Darcy goes everywhere with us whether that be pubs, restaurants, holidays, some would say she’s spoilt. In fact, we will 9/10 only go to restaurants now that are dog friendly, thankfully in London, this isn’t a problem.

During lockdown, we read/heard terrible stories regarding the increase of dog thefts as the demand for puppies and dogs skyrocketed. I think it's every dog owner's worst nightmare that their pup is stolen or lost.

I started thinking of ways that would give me the ability to be able to track Darcy if need be.

So the research started… I found that there are trackers out on the market but they are big, bulky, and can be seen on their collar. You also have to sign up for a subscription service. This got me thinking there has to be something else. But there wasn’t!!

I went to the drawing board and thought of the things that were really important. I knew I wanted the device to have a reliable infrastructure, it had to be a free service and the device had to be small… It had to be an AirTag

Then I went a step further and thought there isn’t anything out there in the market which allows for the tracker to be discreetly placed on your dog. In the words of Carrie Bradshaw “and just like that” The Sociable Pups Company was created. 

I went out and sourced a manufacturer, the problem being no one else has done this before so there were a few manufacturers along the way. Prototype after prototype was created until it was just perfect. And now we have it…..

The world's first discreet, trackable dog harness which allows for your pup's last known location to be available every time they come into contact with an iphone.

All of our designs as designed in-house by me and the harnesses are fully adjustable and comfortable for your pup to wear.